You Should Know I Decided to Turn My Life Around

Lust used to take over my mind, body, personality, voice ME. It started with the internet, to TV, to music, to my surroundings, to people. This was the way the devil attacked me. I changed fast but it took me a while to figure out what I had become. Who I had become.

God still NEVER left my side. He gave me strength, wisdom, and love. It’s all that I needed. I got rid of my old ways. Stopped going on certain websites. Deleted and un-followed people from Facebook and Twitter that were rude, cursed too much, negative, and that were putting up pictures showing their bodies too much.

I stopped listening to music that talked about money, sex, and how materialistic things were SO important. I stopped hanging around people who did drugs, who seemed proud not to be virgins and saying it’s basically the NEW thing not by words but by actions, people who were mean and rude to others, who didn’t have a somewhat future ahead…I basically turned my whole entire life around. I shaped myself into a better person. I said to myself at the end if don’t have friends around it’s okay. That if I didn’t listen to the new music out, I wasn’t “lame” or watch all the popular shows out I wasn’t “cool” enough.

Every change I made was for ME. I was tired of my old ways. I found out that lust, bad and negative friends, music, tv, and the internet were not worth deleting a LIFE with God and that all those things were slowly changing my personality, how I felt, and how I started to show hate to people who loved me most. I didn’t want it to be that way anymore. I’m doing this publicly because I’m not ashamed that I have sinned, and I know that I have made mistakes but it’s the past that I am never going back to.

Now it’s the present and tomorrow is the Future. What I am saying is that if you have sinned then repent. If you want to become a new person, get RID of your old and negative ways. Come to God. If it’s reading the bible more, going to church more, finding new friends, better music and tv choices do it because it’s worth it. God wants to come into your life. Your Heart. He’s knocking at the door of your heart waiting for you to open up.

All the things I tried to fill my heart with I couldn’t because only God could feel that empty place nothing or no one can. 8.27.12 I hope this helped someone and just remember no one is perfect:) and that when God comes into your heart it is a wonderful thing and no feeling, person, object can replace it!! #beblessedmuchlove:)


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