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I Claim my Healing Now

I have authority in Christ. I claim my healing now.

I have had several incidences where I have claimed my healing now.

During those monthly issues women go through I declare healing over my back pain and over the tiredness and pain that comes my way it took me a week in bed practically for God to show me this and teach me to use my authority in Christ.

We have so much power but we don’t use it. But I ask God to teach me how to do things, if I don’t know.  You can too, use your authority. He will show you.

I have had sickness, upset bellies, bad knees when I’m trying to stay fit as I’m learning exercise. It  glorifies God as it a form of worshipping God as we take care of our bodies by blessing our bodies with the right things i.e. food etc. They are temples of God as the Holy Spirit dwells in it so we need to treat it as such and treat our bodies with love and respect that they deserve by loving them in a Godly way.

Over upset bellies, sickness, pain you name – I now claim it.

I say out loud i claim my healing in the name of Jesus I am a child of God. It is my birth right and I use my authority and claim my healing and then I just get on with life and just believe it.

We have so much power in Jesus’ name but so many of us don’t use it. But I’m learning how to use it. God takes me through the fire to show me so I can help others and teach them them too.

So this is my testimony to you take back your power. It’s your birth right in Christ and enforce it because you have the power in Jesus’ name. Don’t let the one of the world take that away from you.

I DECLARE RIGHT NOW that you will walk in your authority as God will teach you how and you will now speak over others in your life and be a blessing to all you meet from this moment on.

God bless you all God will restore you all and your life and blessings will be poured out over your lives as it overflows from this day forth.

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