Praying Girl

I am Redeemed

I would like to share my testimony with other believers. I am a young christian and has seen how powerful our creater is. I am going through a very challenging time in my life right now, somtimes I feel alone. But I stay in the word and pray and listen to gospel music that speaks to my spirit. I am blessed to have parents who are also saved and pray for my deliverance. God showed me that our ways and our thoughts are not his ways or thoughts as I was looking for only one way for him to answer my prayers, but he answered in a different way.

I have come a far way, I am more rooted in the word, I can pray more powerfully, I have less doubts and I have a more genuine hunger and thirst for the word of God. If you are going through hard times do not give up even when you pray and istead of things getting better they get worst, dont stop praying. Just as a father pitieth his children so does the Lord pity those who fear him. He is an on time God he will come through just in time.

 I often pray asking God to teach me how to recognize his voice, I know he speaks to us through dreams somtimes…I always have dreams but either forget them or do not pay attention…I started paying attention to them…the most recent was last night…I dreamt that my uncle and I went shopping and he was just talking to everyone who would listen to him…I could not hear what he was saying in the drem because I was like in another section of the store but I could see him.

When I woke up the first word that came in my head was “testify’…I have never experienced this before. I tell you prayer and fasting works…this dream came to me in my 5th day of my Daniel fast..I have been saturating myself with the word of God..absolutely no TV or facebook!! That is huge for me :-)…..but when I look at how good the Lord is and how merciful he is toward us I think giving up certain food and pleasures for a few weeks is nothing.

There are challenging times but the Lord the God of Abraham and Isaac will hold you up with his hand. I am so glad that I have come to know Jesus at this young age (26) I want to be a living testimony that you can be young and truly serve the do not have to wait until you are old and on deaths bed. THANK YOU JESUS FOR DYING ON THE CROSS AND SAVING US FROM DEATH AND SHAME…MY REDEEMER LIVES!!!!!!!