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HSV2 Detox Journey

I’m 29. No children, not married, and I was recently diagnosed with HSV 2. I felt so numb and lost in the world.

The person who infected me, I dated for a few months before intercourse and specifically ask him multiple times if he had herpes which, I’ve heard before. But he assured me those were rumors. And I believed him, like a fool. Mainly because there were no ACTUAL accusers who said, “HE DID THIS TO ME!” “I HAVE THIS BECAUSE OF HIM” …

I trusted him. But all the signs were there for me to pull away. God literally showed me evident signs on why he was sent by him. I didn’t listen and now, here I am. I was sad. Depressed. Suicidal but I wouldn’t know where to start to kill myself. Lol. (Not funny) but at that point, I DROPPED TO MY KNEES and plead the blood of Jesus! I refused to let this virus live in me.

I’ve done my research and it’s simple as “A DISEASE CANNOT SURVIVE IN AN ALKALINE BODY” … Doctors say there isn’t a medicine for certain diseases and that may be true, but you can DETOX your body of ANY SICKNESS! I believe in the power of God and the healing of God. I’ve had my experiences that I can’t thoroughly explain but all I can say is GOD is real!

I am starting my healing journey and I’m sharing my story for ANY AND EVERYONE who’s suffering from any illness or disease to keep the faith. And trust and believe that God will make a way. When you feel weak and weary, please stop what you’re doing, go and plead the blood of Jesus! NOTHING is too big for him to bear. Xoxo


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