Affectionate Couple Silhouette

How God Saved my Relationship

Well I don’t know where to start but it was April when everything started to drift apart. We where a beautiful happy couple. We enjoyed each other we had a true blessing. But when God sees something that isn’t right he is going to change it. God opened my eyes definitely. We were dating for over two years and I loved him dearly. But April 2013 came and that’s when our perfect relationship started to crumble. We would argue and I would use bad language. And I wanted to stop but he just kept drifting away.

So after a month of failure we took a “break”. It was suppose to give us space so we can miss each other but resulted in the end of our relationship. During one day of our break I decided to text him because I bought a cross for him to hang in his car. I asked him questions like did he miss me and he said yes but his texts were short so I asked him was the break hurting or helping us. He replied to both that night. He ended our relationship. I felt the deepest pain and lost.

Here this man who I gave my heart to rip it apart. I felt like how could God send me such a blessing and take it but that’s the thing he didn’t. The reason this happen was because God wanted me to prove my faith and trust in him. I never realized how much I need God and I see that he wanted me to be aware. God separated us so that we could find and focus on God individually and praise him in the most high. I never felt that we put our own selfish needs before God but God will allow you to see your wrongs so you can fix them before its too late.

So after the breakup I felt so empty and was in need of answers. I felt like giving up on everything. But I knew that I am a child of God and with him anything is possible so I researched, prayed for deliverance and forgiveness, fasted and became closer with my Lord. I prayed that God would show him the right path, soften his heart, and to allow him to remember that what we had is a true blessing.

When July rolled around his family invited me over for the fourth. We talked and it was peaceful.  I knew that God was getting ready to send me my miracle. A couple days later we got lunch and I felt like it was baby steps closer to what I was praying for. Toward the end of July a couple days ago, he called me up and told me he doesn’t want to let me go and wanted to be with me and realized our blessing.

God is GOOD. I rejoiced!!! The key here is that I grew closer to God put him first and did not worry !!! I trusted Gods judgment and believed in his will and he brought us back together. We promised each other to remain abstinent until marriage. God will continue to bless us as we praise him in the most high. Never give up on God; he never gives up on you.