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Sitting on the Fence: Homosexuality

I don’t know about you guys, but lately I’ve been confronted with a lot of scary stuff on the internet relating to homosexuality and just the way that ‘Loving Christians’ have been treating them. And so, I’ve been thinking through the issues, and put together a few thoughts of what I Do believe. Most of all, I’m wondering if there’s anyone else thinking along the same lines as me. May God bless you where-ever you are.

“First of all, I believe in the influence of the devil on this world, and because he is likely listening/reading over my shoulder I want to call down curses upon him, that he may feel the pain that he has caused so many people in the world through this messy issue completely – he may experience the fear and hurt of rejection, and that he may understand not only the complete consequences of what he has created, but that it may break him. This is his curse, and not just for the pain relating to the issue of homosexuality, but for rape, abuse, negligence and all the others that he has created.

Because it is messy and painful. And a good portion of me doesn’t want to come to any opinion about the issue because I don’t want to hurt anyone. But its made more difficult because sitting on the fence is a dangerous place, yet looking at both camps of Christianity, I have NO DESIRE to join any of them.

Those of you who condemn homosexuality – do you not see that at the same time you are condemning that person? And as we both know, that is NOT OUR PLACE! The moment you condemn someone else you are making yourself God, putting yourself in his place and I do not want to do that. When you make yourself God, you are taking upon the responsibility of God and that will CRUSH YOU. We cannot even fathom God, what makes you think you will be able to put yourself in his shoes.

Those of you who support homosexuality – I commend your efforts. You are living out love. But what about sin? Those people on the other side of the fence call you and your homosexual friends sinners – and I know we all are – and this definition of homosexuality as/as not sin makes this a very difficult ground to stand on. To be honest, I fear your position because what if you are wrong? Is it possible to separate the sin from the sinner? Is it even a freaking sin in the first place? And what about Sodom and Gomorrah?

I’ve been drowned multiple times by the biological evidence of homosexuality, some times by secular positions, other times by anti-homosexual pastors. And I don’t know if I should believe either one of them. YOU! Secular textbook! You don’t even believe in God and Satan and the Great Controversy and Sin! So if I can’t believe you for the IMPORTANT THINGS in life, why would I trust your biases now?! and YOU! Church! I know that you’ve structured this information in such a way to sell your belief points in the best way! I’m OK with that, but why should I believe you when your biases are somewhat offensive half the time because I am a Young Woman!

So I’m sitting on the white picket fence. And it’s hard because me and my friend fencers get hit when either side throws weapons, especially because I feel the “right” thing to do is to defend both sides to each other.

I’ve shouted at both armies now. Now you people over there watching us – yes you world. Dear homosexuals, I love you guys. You are awesome, and I can’t judge you. I don’t even know what I’m judging you for. But the thing is – that doesn’t matter. There is a God bigger than me, and he knows what’s right and wrong. And if homosexuality is a sin he’s in charge of that. But don’t worry about that now. I want to tell you about a friend of mine who took care of my sin, and will take care of your homosexuality regardless of “sin status.” Because if it is a sin – he died for it. If it isn’t – he will use your sexual identity like every part of your life to show you his mercy, grace and love. So don’t worry about hell, lets go off and talk to some more people in the crowd, leaving the fence war behind us, and live a life of love.”


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