Praying Girl

Hold on even in the Darkest Hour

I have a testimony that I would like to share !

I divorced my ex-wife 5 years ago, during the divorce I paid her $8,772.00 in court broken down in two payments one for $6,537.00 and then $2,235.00 and $935.00 through the state totaling $9,707.00 in child suport.

A year after our divorce the State started to come after me for what they claimed was a past-due amount of $8,772.00 I fought this for two years. I sent them paper work with the judges signature, my ex’s signature, and the state seal on it stating I paid the whole $8,772.00. After two years the state gave me credit for 6,537.00. But then claimed I owed $5,400.00. That is $2,235.00 (the second payment I made in court) plus there fees and interest.

They recently froze all of my bank accounts taking my paycheck and money I had saved! I fought and fought by sending letter after letter and going down to the office! They kept telling me that I owed this money and that the money that they had frozen in my accounts would be given to her. If they find that the money was not owed then I would have to take her to court and sue her to get my money back ! But after reviewing my child support account I owed her this money ! Even though I had paper work from the court stating that I paid this money !

After 4 years of all of my failed attempts of trying to rectify the situation myself; I began to give up and accept the financial whole that I was in and that once again my ex was going to get over on me. I said one last final prayer to Jesus and I said ” Jesus I don’t understand why this is happening, and I don’t know what your will is, maybe she needs this money, but whatever your will is, let it be done”.

The week prior I called my old divorce lawyer who rolled over on me in court. I explained the situation to him and that the next week they were planning to give her the money he sent a letter to Springfield that same day…

In the final hour, the day they were going to give my ex the money my lawyer called ! He told me that he had just gotten off of the phone with a head accountant in Springfield….and not only was he going to release the hold on my accounts, but that child support department owed me THOUSANDS of dollars because of over-payments that they had been pulling out of my checks as well as the tax returns that they had taken during this four year fight!

Every time I have been in need or at the end of my rope Jesus has ALWAYS been there for me! Even when I wasn’t in line with the spirit of God Jesus has NEVER left me! He has always been there waiting for me to reach out to him!

If he does this for me, then I KNOW he does it for EVERYONE! In your time of need or distress ALWAYS remember he is there! Sometimes I forget that! Stay Encouraged!

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