He’s still God!

How many of you know that God is real and that he has been gooood to you despite your situation, despite your troubles?

Well I have proven that God is a good God and that he is real!

I sit here today telling you of God’s love and his mercy, two months ago I was in a taxi four women of us, I was coming home from work about 8:30pm, one of the ladies came out of the taxi before she came out she was on her cell phone, I heard her saying on her phone where are you? then she came off, when she came out, the taxi drove off slowly and I saw a man running towards the cab, he pulled the car and jumped in my lap I shouted to the taxi man because I knew something was wrong, driver what is this that you have done but I didn’t realize that he did not know what was going on, I started to curse the man in my lap and telling him that if he didn’t realize that he was sitting in my lap, all he said was that a gun man was running him down, so the driver continued to drive, upon reaching some distance the driver told him that he was going to let him off because he is carry passengers and he does not want to put other people’s life at risk, he pulled out his gun and pointed it at us and said driver drive, the driver obeyed and when he reached a lonely road he told us to give him all our belonging money, phone, everything that was valuable I gave him all I had because I thought I was going to die, he told us women to come out of the car and turn our backs, I thought he was going to shoot us but he didn’t do that he drove off with the driver, I came out I held up my hand and started thanking God because if it had not been for the lord on my side I wouldn’t have been here to tell my story!

When God promises that he would supply all your needs he meant every word!

Just hang in there he’s still God he told me that I would get back my phone and I did!

Hang in there its not easy, but hang in there!


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