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Here I am Lord. Send Me!

Greetings in the name of My Lord Jesus Christ.
Yes all of these words describe my life and personality before Christ saved me in 1986 while I was in Jail facing many charges. God said trust me. I didn’t understand it but I had tried everything else to fullfill my quest for happiness. So far I had messed up my life and now I’m in Jail. I thought to my self why not give God a chance. I am not sure what he can or will do with me but at this point what do I have to loose.

I learned God can do things I never could. The first is, save myself I could never do it. Only God could and he did. Then he taught me it was my job out of love that He placed in me, that I was to tell others what a differance he had made in my life. I could write a book on that one. But not today, I want to tell you how God has used me to minister to 100s who many would consider socialbly unacceptable. I have been given the opportunity to wittness in forien countries and to many un-reached people groups. Who would have ever thought I would even consider going. My next trip is to the Amazon. Please pray for these people. Most have never heard about salvation and how Christ will give them every thing they need. When we share the love God gives us with others, evryone around us see’s it. You can not hide the light that God has placed in your life. He changed my heart and life. And I pray that he has changed yours.


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