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My Journey Into Hell

My Journey Into Hell
Norman A. Sims

I clearly remember back in 1966 when I was 8 years old, long before I knew anything about the Bible, the Lord’s Plan of Salvation for mankind and how He defeated Satan on the cross over 2,000 years ago I was suddenly taken into hell without warning. I cannot say for certain if I was in or out of the body but I knew without being told I was in hell. Nobody ever told me about the afterlife nor during that time have I ever viewed a deceased person until 2 years later. I did not see the Lord nor did I hear Him speak to me although I knew there was a God and a devil but I did not fully understand nor was I aware of the warfare taking place daily between Christ and Satan. When I was taken into hell I immediately knew that I was in hell without being told and I also knew the people I heard screaming had died and did some bad things before they died and went there. I was suddenly dropped into hell inside a protective cubicle I believe was made of pure gold that was transparent just like it is written in the Bible. After I was dropped into hell while sitting in the center of the cubicle I saw flames miles high unlike on earth. The flames were so intense that the pressure from the heat of those flames caused the cubicle I was in to bulge slightly. As the Bible says it is like being in a furnace. Those flames roar very loud as if being in a furnace but many times louder than a furnace. The screams of the lost souls could be heard from all around and constant. Slightly below the cubicle I was in I saw the dark shadow of a woman in the flames constantly screaming with her face towards the sky in extreme agony.

The cries and screams of the lost souls in torment is awful beyond belief and unforgettable. I cannot describe it in mere words except to say if you could hear those screams it would go through your whole being and terrify you. Those screams alone will stay with you forever in your memory. I did not see any demons nor other parts of hell nor did I see any kinds of torments inflicted on the lost souls. The only thing I clearly saw and heard was the awful flames and the constant screaming of the lost souls in hell. I clearly heard the screams of the lost souls down in the flames but I could not see them except for the woman slightly below the cubicle I was in. As suddenly as I was taken into hell I was suddenly taken out of hell and found myself awake on the cot I was sleeping on. I was shaken up and thought I was being punished for something I did so I asked: “God, what did I do?” But no answer ever came.

It was many years later did I come to realize that the Lord wanted me to know about hell and the reality of it at an early age and neither I nor anyone else had to go there. I also realized why Jesus is oftentimes referred to as The Savior. Many do not realize the significance as to why He died and shed His precious blood on the Cross of Calvary for the remission of our sins and what He is saving us from. It is not written for nothing that all must call on the Lord Jesus Christ and repent now before it’s too late. I can tell you firsthand that hell is very real because I’ve seen some of it and it’s no joke or a laughing matter. Just the screams of the lost souls and the intense flames alone is enough to terrify you like nothing on earth. Although I was a casual visitor in hell within a protective cubicle I was terrified like nothing on earth. The second time I was shown hell was in 2003. While lying across my bed relaxing before I went to work I suddenly saw a panoramic screen come at me and suddenly I was taken up in the vision. I wasn’t in a protective cubicle this time but I was taken through an area of hell very fast.

The area of hell I was taken through was extremely dark and cavernous. Straight ahead I saw flames coming out of a wide pit that reached as high as a 3-story apartment building. I saw several dark figures being thrown into that pit by unseen hands. I was pulled towards that pit as if being pulled by a giant magnet. While being pulled towards that pit I felt myself being squeezed by a person to the right and left of me as if being packed like sardines in a can. I felt myself naked and I also felt powdery dirt on the ground and heard the pleas and cries of thousands of lost souls in the darkness crying: “Jesus please save us, O, Jesus please save us!” As I got closer to the pit I began to feel the heat from that pit and the stench of death and afterwords I suddenly came out of the vision as suddenly as I was taken into the vision. Upon leaving for work afterwords I heard a voice inside my head saying: “Now get up and go to work.” I got up and went to work as I normally did and did not relate this story to a few persons until a week later.

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