Praying Girl

Urgent Prayer Needed, I Don’t Know If I’m Hearing from God

A relationship that I care for broke up between me and my fiancée. It was a bad break up, which ended up getting a little physical, I didn’t hit her or anything, she has no bruises or anything like that. What I did was smack her cell phone our of her hand, I didn’t touch her hand or anything, and when I told her that I didn’t want to be with her anymore and that I want the ring back, she was about to give it to me, but I was anxious and went for the ring, because she resisted, it caused me to put my hand on her wrist, there was a struggle and I got the ring.

She says I was aggressive and shook her, the next day her parents came to my house and told me to stay away from her, no contact whatsoever. And that she wants the same thing too. So three weeks passes by, and I see her, I felt really bad for what I did so I went to her to apologize, because she was upset with me, she was not hearing me, and reminded me that her parents told me to stay away from her.

So three months passes by, I get prayed for and in the prayer the person said that God wants me to call the father. I know to be weary of what people say, but I did it anyway and called the father, I got his voicemail, I told him that I apologize to him and his wife for what I did to their daughter the day we broke up. I asked her father to please call me back when he has a chance. So far he has not called me back, after waiting a week, I was wondering if I should call him back a second time. I prayed to God and asked him to reveal to me in his word if I should call the father back a second time.

So I’m reading in Genesis, then I come to Jacob and Laban, I was never aware of these scriptures in the bible. This was my first time reading this, Jacob married both Laban’s daughters, but then afterwards, Jacob and Laban were at odds with each other, Laban is Jacobs father in law. They ended up making peace with one another before parting ways.

So I looked at it like Jacob is me and her father is Laban, And in me calling to apologize is making peace with the father, same with this scripture that I saw, I asked the lord to confirm his word, and I asked him to confirm his word at a church service that I was about to go to in the pastors message. I felt that I could be specific like this because Gideon was specific like this and God granted him his conformations specifically to how Gideon wanted it. I go to church, and the pastor said that on his mind all day was about Gideon, and he explained the story of Gideon, the message was that God will be with you in whatever you do, that his power is enough. So that message can be for anything, that does not tell me directly about my situation, but the fact that the pastor talked about Gideon, that was crazy, but still I don’t know if God still wants me to call a second time. I don’t feel at peace, but I don’t know if that’s because I fear calling the father for a second time, or because this may not be from the holy spirit.