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Healing Vision Problems

In December 2008 I had an annual eye test; I felt my vision was getting worse and I was sure I needed new glasses.

At this eye test a photograph was taken of my inner eyes and a distortion of the optical nerve area previously noted was still there. No other problem was at that time noticed by the optometrist who happened to be my sister.

However, even with the new glasses my eyesight was not normal. Everything in the distance, beyond about 200 metres was blurred, like a Turner watercolour painting. Letters in words jumbled together so that it appeared that letters were missing. The lines on the music staff were wonky so, as a musician, I lost my enjoyment of playing the piano and harp.

Each time I visited a doctor I told them of my vision problem and asked if it could possibly be caused by a prescribed medication. None of them thought so and could not think of any reason to explain it.

In July 2008 I went to another optometrist for another eye test. I told him of my disturbed vision and again, he could find nothing wrong. My prescription had changed a little, so I bought new glasses.

In early October the problem seemed to be getting worse. I could not now read car license plates as the letters and numbers mixed together and I began to fear that I would not be able to drive much longer.

My optometrist sister suggested that she would take new photographs of my inner eyes and this time she saw a bright patch covering about a third of the macular on my right eye. She said this could be serious. She said that this was usually a disease of older people and was unusual in someone aged 54. My left eye was perfectly normal. I was given a referral to see an ophthalmologist in December 2009.

At the end of October, I attended a dinner meeting of the International Full Gospel Businessman’s Fellowship where the speaker was used by God as a healer. While everyone was praying, he said,

“There’s someone here with a problem in their right eye which is causing flickering and difficulty focusing.”

These were my exact symptoms.

When people were invited to go for prayer ministry I went up. I had lots of health problems at the time, but the main worry was losing my eyesight.

During the next day I noticed my vision becoming clearer and found that I could read words perfectly (with my glasses on). Joyfully, and gratefully, praising God, I read every car license plate and every road sign as I drove home from work. God willing, the healing will be long-term.

Praise God. Thank you, Lord.

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