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Jenny’s Healing Testimony

This is a very recent testimony. My period started normally but before the end of the day i started feeling some unbearable pain on one side of my tummy. It was so terrible that I was moving from one side of the bed to another in agony.

I called my fiancé and told him about it, and he told me if I read some chapters in the book of psalms into a drinking water and drink it, I’ll be fine. I did exactly as he said. I had an opened 7up so I decided to use it. I read two chapters of psalms that were praising God and that was asking God to deliver. I then prayed afterward and told God to heal me and that I believe his words that I have just read.

After doing this I slept and woke up some hours. I felt so much better afterward. The pain is gone and it’s gone even as I’m presently saying it. I believe the word of the lord and I encourage people not to be scared to take the step of faith because God only wants you to believe; you just leave the rest to him for him to do and he will surely do it for you. God answers prayers and he will surprise you. Glory be to the almighty God.


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