Sad woman - It didn't go very well

Need Prayer for Healing, Restoration of my Marriage

12/29/2020 I had an affair. Got tested 01/14/2020. It came back positive for HSV 1. But never in my mind would I have an affair. It was 3 years since I did anything and was waiting to bring my husband back to the USA the legal way. The immigration process has been so hard. It has been seven years total he has been out of the USA.

Please pray with me that I’m healed physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

And for my marriage so we can get past this in Name of Jesus

I know the Devil is a liar.


  1. Tom Sprague 2/20/2021
  2. Carmen F 2/20/2021
  3. Doreen Reddy 2/22/2021
    • Carmen F 2/26/2021

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