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Healing Power for Kidney Failure

I was diagnosed for kidney failure due to a block in urine flow, I used to maintain a good health and I didn’t have any symptoms of what was going wrong. I was really disappointed and was not able to accept the fact that one of my Kidneys are not working. It has touched my life.

I started praying to GOD for help in the hospital bed. I realized that GOD had plans for me, and I was going against his will. I know, I’m going away from GOD, but I couldn’t stop it myself. I tried many a times but never succeeded.

I was born and brought up in a Christian Family, I was a GOD-fearing child every day I used to pray, and I have experienced the power of GOD during my earlier days, later I started living in worldly ways, but I was thinking that’s fine, nothing will happen to me.

Last incident and diagnosis have changed my life. I became closer to CHRIST and started praying for healing. I believe it was a turning point in my life, I’ve submitted myself to Christ and prayed to use me according to his wish. I returned to my Father, he will lead me.

Now, I’m improving a lot day by day. Yesterday, I felt the power of his healing and today morning I could see the results. My eyes filled with tears of Joy and I’m a living testimony for Christ that HE IS A LIVING GOD WHO ANSWERS YOUR PRAYERS.

Need your prayers to complete the next surgical process and moreover to grow in Christ.




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