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Healing Herpes

Walking by faith and not sight.

In 2015 I turned 21. I just wanted to have fun. I’m not proud to announce this but I left a toxic relationship, dated a married man, dated a couple guys, got pregnant and had an abortion.

The father influenced me to get it, but I was so weak that I did. In April 2015, few weeks after the abortion, I experienced my first outbreak. I was officially diagnosed in July of HSV1 and HSV2. Worst nightmare of my life. Felt like I was dying on the inside from the symptoms and depression. Thought about killing myself.

I didn’t tell anyone but an ex from years ago that I trust so I’m battling this alone basically. I searched high and low for a cure. I got scammed out of $2000 for a cure in Africa. I decided to take the medicine, but it only made me sicker, so I stopped.

I knew there has to be another way out, so I turned to the Lord. I read on the Internet that God heals all disease and will heal me without medicine. He died on the across for our sin and sickness. It was extremely hard because I lost my way as a Baptist when I was a teenager, so I didn’t know much about God and his word.

I read about building faith and emailed others who I met via Internet that went through the same thing and currently healed. Since 2015, I got back into church, I gained faith, lost it when I didn’t see any results, gained it back, doubted, got discouraged, fell in deep depression, got myself together and gained more faith. It was a roller coaster for me. I came across a ton of helpful articles to help me get through it.

In September 2017, I found a website where I had to decree and declare that I am healed. I said it every day until I felt in boldly in my heart that I am healed and if I didn’t see results physically doesn’t mean I’m not healed spiritually. I felt like I had my last outbreak that same month because I went 2 months without any signs or symptoms. I was happy and myself again. I thanked God every day. I said my healing scriptures every day.

Well, this week, Wednesday night after work I called the 700 Club prayer hotline so they can continue praying for me as well before getting my final results from the doctor. I got home from work Thursday and noticed something was wrong. It was another outbreak. I found it crazy that I was just prayed over and now this! I broke down and just wanted to jump off of a bridge.

I asked myself is this my fate, am I supposed to die with this? Another part of me thought to myself is this a part of the devil’s plan to put me back in doubt? He sees God working on me and getting closer to my breakthrough, so he triggers another outbreak.

I prayed my hardest last night, praying that I’m spiritually and physically healed. I promised God I will give my testimony once I see my negative results. But I shouldn’t have to wait on a report, I should believe the truth of God’s word regarding my healing. I won’t be moved by what I see or feel but the truth of words, that I am healed.

Everyone please keep praying for me because every day is different and gets harder. I pray I receive my blessing spiritually and physically so I can live again. Being healthy is a wonderful feeling and I miss it. I hope my testimony help and encourage someone.


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