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Healing from Herpes

So, my story starts with me living a lifestyle I knew wasn’t right. I had kind of fallen off in my relationship with God and it had kind of been going on for a while. I was really involved in church prior to me living the lifestyle I was living.

But what happened is that I had sex with this girl and decided to take the protection off because she said it hurt. This was unlike me as I always used protection. But a few weeks had went by and it was more so kind of a one-night stand thing and she was trying to call me multiple times, but I was ignoring her calls. Well, when she got a hold of me, she told me that she had had a breakout of herpes after we had sex which at the time didn’t make sense to me. This didn’t make sense as we both had agreed that we got tested before having sex with each other and I knew that all my tests came back negative.

She was trying to say that they don’t always test for herpes in full panels as it isn’t always needed or it’s not as high risk of a disease. So, I began to worry as I hadn’t been tested in a few partners even though I would always use protection. So, I thought that I possibly gave it to her without knowing after reading things on the Internet.

Well later on I called my doctor back who I had been tested at and he let me know that I had been tested for everything INCLUDING HERPES. So, this let me know that if anything I would have gotten it from her. So, I gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed she might not have known she had it, but then one of my friends let me know that she had posted on her spam account that she been had it. Then the moment came where I went and got tested for it and sadly my results came back positive.

This was the worst news in my life as I had never had anything before.

I was distraught. I didn’t know how to feel. I literally left my classes for the day and went home and cried. Over the next few weeks I was battling myself and couldn’t understand how God could allow this to happen to me. I don’t believe he punished me with this but I also realized that he allows things to happen to us for a reason.

I began to read websites online and decided I wasn’t going to allow my story to be one of defeat. I knew the power of my GOD and believed he could do anything including healing me. So, I would speak scriptures over myself of healing. One that I spoke a lot over myself was Isaiah 53:5

“But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.”

I knew that if I wanted to be healed, I had to speak it over my situation as the Bible says there is the power of death and life in the tongue.

I got tested about a month later and it still came back positive. This was another huge blow to myself. Then one day I got a call from my mother’s friend who was a doctor and he asked me to send him my results. He explained that the test meant I had been exposed to the virus, but it didn’t necessarily mean I had it. Kind of like how we have antibodies to the flu already present in our body, but not everyone walking around has the flu. He explained that the only test to see if I actually had it was a PCR test as these can detect the virus even though it is dormant.

So I waited to get the test done as this was when Corona was just about to really breakout in the US. I was scheduled to take the test that Friday, but then something happened with the order, and it wasn’t able to happen. I talked to my dad, and he believed God had that happen for a reason, possibly for me to have more time to believe and pray.

Then that Saturday I talked to my uncle who I hadn’t talk to in years as he happened to be on the phone with my mother. He said he felt God had put a burden of myself upon him even though he didn’t know specifically what I needed healing for. So, I took my test Monday and It was supposed to take 24-48 hours to get results.

My mother told me that I should fast and keep praying until I actually got them. This is what I did and over the next few days me and my uncle would have a bible study over the phone.

Wednesday came along and my results still weren’t in.

Thursday came along and they still weren’t in.

My body was honestly getting tired of not eating, but I was determined to make this sacrifice in hopes that God would grant my request. Friday morning came and I had a dream that I had got my results, and they were negative. I woke up and said in Jesus’ name that’s gonna happen, but then I went back to sleep as it was still early in the morning.

Then I had another dream where the results were positive, and I woke up yet again and said I rebuke that in the name of Jesus then I went back to sleep. Then my mother called me on the phone waking me up out of my sleep calling me on a 3 way with the nurse. My results were negative.

THANK YOU, JESUS!!! I was so happy that God had come through for me. I say that to say that He is faithful, and He always will be. If I didn’t have the faith myself and believed He could do it, then it never would have happened. Keep believing in him no matter what your situation is. He may not come on time, but He Always comes though. Stay safe and blessed everyone.


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