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Healing from Breast Cancer

I got to understand that God dishes out to you more than one gift, with some quite so visible and others not so visible however they are revealed as you go along in life. My first love is for fashion and makeup. I am so passionate about beauty and get excited when I get the opportunity to display my makeup artistry skills as well as coming up with a unique design that is later transformed into an outfit.

Designers and makeup artist often collaborate both as it comes with the territory. I am also passionate about writing and see my skills as a medium to encourage people. I feel particularly drawn towards women because life as a woman can be quite challenging that often you feel as thou the entire world wants a piece of you. However in the midst of it all God brings out the best in you through your situations.

I was least prepared for this journey God was about to take me on. It all started in the early hours on the 6th of November 2010, it was a Saturday morning. I was still in bed relaxing and felt the urge to carry out my usual self-examination (I believe God prompted this) am not sure why I started with the right breast. Anyways as I proceeded, I came across a small lump at the corner of my right breast.

Initially I was afraid, but then I prayed about it and waited patiently to see my GP (General Practitioner or Doctor) the following Monday. My GP examined me and then referred me to see a specialist. The weeks to follow were a bit daunting as my mind became a battlefield. I finally received my letter of appointment to see the specialist. At this stage I felt the need to speak up, so I informed my younger sister who lives in Nigeria (West Africa). It took a while longer to inform the rest of the family which consist of my three older brothers and a second youngest sister. We are a close-knit family and encourage each other in difficult times.

A day before my appointment of the 17th of November 2010, my nipple started to discharge blood this worried me, and I increasingly became concerned but no afraid. I usually get on the computer to check ever and anything, however it did not cross my mind at this stage. My brothers and sisters had encouraged me so much in the word of God that I felt like a warrior going to battle. I hurried back to my GP, this time I saw another doctor (this usual happens in an emergency, you see the next available GP) She examined me and said she was unable to find any lump in the suspicious area.

Looking back now I recollect the strange look she gave me as thou she knew something I didn’t. She probably did from the symptoms; however, she did not know of my Healer. She drew my attention to a dimpled like orange peel effect she had felt at the top part of the same breast and questioned if I was aware of it. I informed her I was just seeing it firsthand and perhaps it had just appeared. She advised I waited for my initial appointment to see the specialist and proceeded to take a swab. From then on it was test after test.

My appointment of the 17th of November 2010 was an all-day event. The results came back, however the specialist felt some of the results were inconclusive and a further and final test was re-scheduled for the 22nd of November 2010. This day marked the beginning of a self-finding journey. I have simply refused to accept the doctor’s report, so when I relay my story, I like to say the right breast was diagnosed with DCIS.

The diagnoses suggests that the right breast was with (DCIS) Ductal carcinoma in situ, which is the earliest stage of breast cancer also known as pre-cancer or non-invasive cancer. Ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) of the breast is an early, localized cluster of cancer cells that start in the milk passages (ducts) but have not penetrated the duct walls into the surrounding tissue.

With all this information flowing around my head I moved from one emotion to another. I remember the specialist asking me if I expected it and with a calm voice I said no, as I thought to myself is it some sort of important guest you expect and prepare for. It was then that I began to cry, my initial thoughts were about my husband and children, my entire family knowing full well it will juggle a few memories.

Yes, my mother too was diagnosed in her 50s and I recollect back then I was a teen living in my native country of Nigeria. With the little knowledge I had back then, I thought cancer was an old school illness. It took me till date to understand that it’s not old school, in-fact it’s more new school than ever and it knows no race, color, gender nor age. I intensified my research analyst skills and got to understand that there is a global rise in breast cancer due to westernized lifestyle and there are also preventive measures to reduce the risks of breast cancer, however the doctors will not let you in on this you have to basically do your research to know.

Looking back to the very beginning, I strongly believe God held me by the hands and prepared me for this journey and I will forever be grateful to him. I am willing to go wherever he will take me on this knowledge and self-finding journey. I am truly blessed and hold on to God’s words in Jeremiah 30:17 of his promise to restore health to me and to heal me of wounds.

I began to prepare myself for treatment, I started to read and meditate on healing scriptures, I read books, researched on the treatment and recovery. I would refer to the book I was reading, a wonderful book by Dr Betty R. Price (Through the Fire & Through the Water). This book became one of my best friends, I also read a book by Bishop Oyedepo (on the benefits of taking the Holy communion) as I enter into phase of my journey.

I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I choose to be still knowing God is with.


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