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Healing and Faith, All Come Together

I hope Jesus is with me when I am writing this testimony. I wish to praise, admire and worship my Lord for his love for me. My heart is healed in god’s love. God’s love me so much, whenever I prayed, he answered me. Of course, I did not ask for something all the time…. 🙂

For over 20 years, I am a Christian but not baptized until 2 weeks ago. I attended 4 churches in my life and could not find one satisfactory until I found this New Creation Church after I moved to Singapore 5 months ago. Please believe me, if you are a Christian, god arranged everything in your life. I am a perfectionist, therefore, maybe I have certain point of view and feeling towards a church. I need to feel comfortable like being ‘home’ before I commit. Praise the Lord, eventually, he brought me ‘home’ (church) after more than 20 years.

My faith in god starts at the age of 5 when i didn’t know much about God, Lord or anything. No one in my family is a Christian. But I suffered from asthma and somehow I believe in God, I would like to rely on Him. One day, when I was 6, I prayed to my God (not even know how to, quietly in the toilet! ) because I did not want to fail my exam in sports. There had been lots of practice but I failed every time, 10 out of 10 times I failed. So i believed apart from miracle, I would not pass my exam, so i decided to pray. Then, MIRACLE did happen, it was a basketball exam, I passed. I knew at that time it is God. My childhood wasn’t happy as my family was quite poor even though my mum struggled to bring the best to our family. When I was young, the only dream is to grow up quickly and earn more money to have a better life.

At my age of 11, it was time to ‘fill in the form’ to enroll to secondary school. My mum trusted me so I listed all the schools myself, none of the schools are Catholic or Christian school but only good schools. She checked the school list and felt satisfactory, then she just left me for my own decision. Suddenly, I really did not know why, I changed one of the choice to a famous novel Catholic school, it was only my third choice. But then, god arranged me to go to that school! Mum was not happy as it is not the first choice and the top schools. At that time, I already felt, God has arranged this for me. That Catholic school made Bible Study as a compulsory public exam study, and i love to study bible, I believe in God and Jesus and everything. I studied hard, so I obtained an A1 to my Bible Study in the public exam. At this stage, then you will ask……why you still not baptized? Oh yes, I was not fully convinced because of 2 reasons: first, I was very scared of 10 commandments, wait, so many rules, and the standard is so high, I do not want to sin more and more everyday. The mentality at that time was ” the less I know the rule, the less I feel like I sin’. However, as I mentioned, I love Jesus and my heavenly father, I feel sweet and rest when I go to church. So, I attended a few Christian churches outside school (over a period of 5 years). At the age of 18, my sister in church asked me to baptize, I was so scared that I ran away!! Somehow, I also like to make my own decision instead of rely in God. (Now, I know it is wrong, God wants us to rely on him, we are the lamb and Jesus is the shepherd).

God Bless….I am a lucky woman, as I said, I always dream to earn more money to improve my quality of life. I graduated with first class honour in my degree as a pharmacist, then I also graduated with distinction in my part-time Master degree. Also I took part-time course in marketing, I came also first in class out of 1000 students. I got into a nice company, earning quite decent money, but as days goes by, i did not have time to attend church, I started to trust myself more than my Lord. I have also a sweet face, lots of guys chased me, spoiled me and was proposed by men all the time. But again, I am a perfectionist, each relationship didn’t last long (average 1-1.5 years). One day, I met a married man in a wedding at the age of 23. It was love at first sight for me, I knew nothing about this man apart from the fact that he is a police. After 2 years, I met him again in Karaoke, we fell in love, I was told that he was divorced. We moved in together, problems started after 3 months. He had drinking problems, bad temper, but because I love him so much. I tolerated, once he slapped me over my face, I still forgave him. Was I crazy? I tolerated this kind of life for 14 months, then I found out he had huge debts, he didn’t divorce, the worst is that…..he also has hepatitis B but did not tell me……I nearly committed suicide but I did not, only took a number of sleeping pills and went to sleep deeply. I left him eventually but my heart was in trauma after that.

The Lord is nice to me, my company continued to promote me, I was transferred from Hong Kong to Switzerland to resemble the role of regional manager at the age of 28. I was proud. When I landed in Switzerland, I was lonely, I cried….still I did not go back to my Daddy Lord. I found a man, we engaged for a few years. Life seemed normal but I was never happy as I was not home, I was no longer a princess. Then I asked my boss to transfer me to London! Wow, London is not a easy place for Chinese to have a high position. I got a nice position in London with a expatriate contract of 2 years, company paid for my apartment and nice car but I started to have problems in relationship again. This time, I found my engaged boyfriend cheated on me, but since I was 30 at the time, I wanted to get married, so I tried to forgive. Unfortunately we broke up and then I was drowned in depression. From time to time, I felt life has no meaning, even if I pray, I could not concentrate. (Later, I notice that, for a powerful prayer to happen, you need to repent yourself, tell the truth and forgive other’s people’s fault against you, at that time, I could not forgive my fiancé). Life for me is too challenging, I was depressed, I felt very tired…..When I nearly collapsed. Lord walked into my life again. He gave me a man (boyfriend) who I know is going to be my husband. But I was still in depression. Then I prayed him to bring me ‘home’, at least back to Asia. This time I prayed with tears and faith. Lord did answer me and bring me ‘ home’, I got a nice contract in Singapore. I started going to church, and i cried and thanks Lord for bring me ‘home’. Praise the Lord.

Life seems perfect for a few months, depression started to recover. Apart from having long-distance relationship with my boyfriend sometimes drove me crazy as I missed him too much, We stayed close. Until 30th July, he suddenly had brain hemorrhage and was sent to hospital. I didn’t know because we argued before his hemorrhage. He wrote me a few e-mail but I replied coldly. He recovered a little bit after a week, survived and he went to check his business. Unfortunately, he got attacked in London’s riot at his head and immediately sent back to hospital with a stroke. From 10th August, he was in coma. He did not move his body, not even open his eyes. I cried again, this time no depression! God has healed me completely! MIRACLE happens, on the first day I went to New Creation Church, I got a free book called HEALING PROMISES (gift edition from New Creation Church) with Chapter 1 being ‘God Wants You Healed’. I was healed before even I completed the book. Praise the Lord for healing me. So I started to believe in the power of prayer, have very strong faith, and believe completely in healing. When you did a you-tube search, especially on the CBN channel, you will find testimony of healings and miracles that are so strong and convincing.

So you will ask me, how is the condition of my boyfriend today? Now, he is still in the hands of my beloved god. He is in stanford hospital, completed a 38 hours surgery but still alive. It is MIRACLE. You can see the power of prayer, he started to react. However, he has also heart problem, so if he regains his conscious for a few days, he will have to go immediately for heart surgery. I prayed with full faith, in the name of Jesus, for his full recovery. Miracle happens, and I totally believe, he will be fine. No matter what happen, god will bless me.

Before I end, I have to praise my Lord again. I spent on average 6 hours over last month reading bible and testimony, it increased my faith everyday. I felt happier than ever, and was baptized on 3rd Sept 2011. I was reborn as the child of Lord and our Heavenly father, I am no longer a perfectionist and see things completely in a new way. Even though I am under distress with my beloved boyfriend’s condition, I found the world is so beautiful.

For those who read this article, I hope you can help me to pray for my beloved boyfriend, Imran Aslam. I wish he will see Jesus in his life one day, and he will recover fully and has a family with me for the rest of my life. This is my only wish.