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God is great!!! I had many miracles in my life. Jesus is with me yesterday, today and tomorrow.
This is recent testimony which I promised I will share..

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!

I had severe sore throat for almost a month (Oct 2008). It was accompanied with 102 fever every evening. I was very very weak, so weak that I almost crawled at times.

I went to one Doctor first he said I have hyperthyroid and asked me to go for scan. I cried a lot and asked Sister (elder in my church) and her team to pray for me. I cried and prayed a lot. Sister told me that there is nothing. She gave me Nehemiah chapter 2 verse

I went to my regular Doctor and she told me to go another scan but sister asked me not to go but as satan persuaded me to go for another scan and they said its hypothyroid.

At this point I was very frustrated. They asked to go for blood check again (I had already done twice).

I decided not to go. That scan evening, I asked lord to heal me with my sore throat and fever and PRAISE THE LORD, he healed me in just one evening. I was suffering from five weeks everyday. He just heard my cry and he healed me.

I will be going for another blood check and I know this is to show people that I am totally healed. AMEN.

Praise the lord. God is great!


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