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How Almighty GOD Healed Me through a Dream

For years have been having nightmares. On the 16th of August, 2009 I had a dream, in the dream I heard a disturbing noise, I awoke in the very middle of the night and the sound persist.

But I later got to know after a month that the noise I was hearing is just a ringing tone from a neighbor phone. At that time I awoke I say general prayer in my mind and placed the handkerchief General Overseer of the RCCG asked us to wave to the air and pray during Friday 57th Annual Convention that what ever we use it for it is done, I placed the handkerchief on my head, and when I went back to sleep, I dreamt again Almighty God shows me G.O of the RCCG Myself a Man tied with rope and two other men that did not seem familiar to me, G.O said who among you can lay down his life for the Man tied with rope standing right there. I raised my hand up and the two men also raised their hands up.

The first person step forward. G.O looked at his face and said it is not you. The second person step forward G.O looked at his face and said it is not you, I also step forward G.O looked at my face and said

“It is you.”

G.O ask me to go down on my knees. I now said before my head is going to be cut off the congregation should help me thank God for His Amazing Grace and Mercy upon my life. After that G.O gave me a basin containing water and pour anointing oil inside the water, He now gave me a straw and said I should start drinking the water with the straw, as I was drinking the water He pour anointing oil on my face and on my head and said to me thank your God for chosen you.

When I awoke, everything was still and quiet, from that moment nightmares were brought to an end in my life and not only that negative report by medical practitioners were canceled. Before now I was diagnose to have an infection of the urine, I use to feel pain when urinating, my urine use to be fowl smelling and cloudy, they also said I should not eat spicy foods, but just one night all the things contrary to the will of God in my body were sent out. I want any one reading this testimony to help me shout a powerful halleluiah to Almighty God.


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