Person by Sea - Healing

The Lord Healed Me from Sickness

I started having a cough at about 17 years old, at first I didn’t think much of it, I thought it’s any other soar throat cough I am not a smoker by the way neither is anyone I know. So I would cough frequently, as time went on I noticed I would cough for days. At times it would worry me, but I thought I was just having allergies, or dry throat, or even nervousness.

So, about a year went by, I still had it. Up until 2010, I went to a doctor and got this cough checked out. Got a blood result test, the doctors said I was fine. But, I still had the cough.

It got worse in 2011 last year. The year I got saved was last year, after I got saved I kept asking the Lord to heal me from this cough, it was not right away. Days went by I noticed my cough was reducing lower. It’s now 2012 and I have not had any kind of cough. I mean it was bad! A cough for 3 1/2 years… Doctors couldn’t help… Meds couldn’t help.. The Lord healed me! He is so good! Hallelujah!