Healed of HSV Type 1

I want to share my testimony here to bring hope to anyone that is infected with herpes or any STD. God heals. It’s only a foolish man that will say that God doesn’t exist.

I contracted HSV type 1 after having oral sex with someone last year (August 2020). I started having a tingling sensation and an itch near the site. I took a shower and wiped the site with a dettol antiseptic liquid hoping that the symptoms will stop.

This continued for more than a week and I decided to go see a doctor. I knew this wasn’t a bacterial infection because there wasn’t any foul smelling discharge and the symptoms didn’t go away after I applied antibiotic ointments to it.

My mind started thinking towards herpes. I have heard of herpes but I never believed I could get it from oral sex. My doctor wasn’t around when I called to schedule an appointment but I was so desperate that I requested to see any available doctor at the clinic.

I met this female doctor and she confirmed that from my symptoms that it will be herpes. She was insensitive and mean to me and she asked me what I knew about herpes. I told her that I read that it was incurable. She reaffirmed and said yes that the virus has no cure that I will have to live with it for the rest of my life.

At this point I knew that I had messed my life up. She took a swab and ordered some lab tests after which she gave my acyclovir. The lab tests came back positive for HSV type 1 . Although HSV 1 is oral herpes it can be transferred to the genitals through oral sex.

I got home and took the acyclovir and the tingling that kept me from sleeping since the symptoms started stopped and I was able to sleep. I woke up that evening and realized that I was partially paralyzed on one side of my body and I was having wormlike movements inside my body. The acyclovir suppressed the tingling but the herpes virus had started showing other symptoms. I never took the acyclovir again because the side effects outweighed the benefits.

To cut the story short my life was never the same again. I lost more than 25 pounds in weight and I couldn’t sleep unless I took bernadryl, Tylenol or alcohol. I tried so many things to cure this disease or to alleviate the symptoms but they never had any effect. I spent more than $3000 USD in supplements, herbs and protocols. I used oregano oil , drank a concoction of cilantro, parsley and other herbs, bought soursop bitters, bought mushroom extract, bought olive extract, bought synergy herpes supplements from Australia, took vitamin C and D supplements, folic acid supplements and so many other things that I can’t remember now but they did not improve my situation.

Some YouTubers claimed that a fruit and vegetable diet with no cooked food will cure herpes and I did all they recommended yet my symptoms never improved. I prayed every day, sent prayer requests to every healing church that I could find online and I stopped taking any supplement since they weren’t helping me . I read in one of the healing testimonies here on how a prayer from a pastor who owns the website healed someone who was suffering from herpes.

I immediately sent a prayer request to the email address on the website and the pastor replied to my email assuring me of God’s mercy and healing. I rested my hope in God and I believed that he had healed me although I was still having symptoms.

I downloaded the 2jesus healing app on iOS and I listened to the audio recordings about healing. My faith grew even more and after some weeks I went back to the same clinic to get a full panel STD testing.

My doctor said there was no need to get another herpes test since I was already positive but I insisted for him to include the test. To the glory of God all my tests came back negative. Majority of my symptoms are gone except a minor itch that I rarely experience during the day. I am also believing God for a complete deliverance from this itch. Believe in your healing before you receive it. Only Jesus heals. God bless you all.


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