Girl Rejoicing

Healed from HSV 2

I wanted to share my testimony today about how great God is and how merciful he is if we are faithful. I was diagnosed with HSV 2 unexpectedly a year ago. My numbers were below the 3.5, but still positive.

I had sinned against God and others in my life and felt this was my punishment. For the past year I prayed every day for healing. Some days were good others were not. I started really trying to hear God’s voice and started praying for divine healing.

A few weeks ago, my body felt completely different instantly. It is really hard to explain, but I just knew I was healed. I waited a few more weeks and ask God if it was his will for me to get retested to please lead me there.

Well, I felt the urge and went, and my test came back completely negative! I was beyond happy and promised God I would write my testimony to share my experience. I owe God my life!

Just remember no matter what God is always in control. I know God has shown his grace and mercy in my life and is giving me a chance to make things right again. I hope that this will help someone today. Everyone’s situation is different, but just keep praying and believing. God’s timing is always perfect.



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