Praying Girl

Dear Lord Heal Me from Herpes

Dear Lord,

I just spoke to you moments ago stating I wish I had someone to talk to about my problems and you brought me here so I thank you. I would like to confess all my sins lord because I truly need healing. God forgive my all the wrong I have done in my life lord knows you and my family have tried to steer me in the right direction but I looked the other way as a result I slept around with guys just because I desired the attention. I was looking for love and when I had it all along. I became preganat at a young age and I was afraid so I had an abortion.

Lord please just forgive me for it all. I know all things are possible through you Jesus so I’m asking you Lord  please heal me from herpes. I feel embarrassed and ashamed but I know in my heart it only for a season and it is a lesson Lord. Lord help free me of all things that are not like you. Please whomever is reading this lay your hand on me and pray for me as I will for you. This letter has been healing for me. thank you.