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He Will Never Leave nor Forsake you!

The following below are some extracts from my diary dating from 2005- 2006. My main aim is to highlight the fact that God is really there and that he is always ready to help only when you want to be helped. In fact there are moments in my life that I just can’t believe what God did to rescue me from my situation, I hope if you pray to him with all your heart he is always ever ready to answer you at the right time.

29/08/2005 – A prayer to God Dear God, you have less than 4 days to determine my future, if you are really the God who brought the Israelis from Egypt, if you are really the impossible God, prove it to me and I will worship you with all my heart, this is my vow with you. Show me within these 4 days that you are really God and I’m yours forever.

AMEN 31/08/2005 – Prayer to the Lord Dear God, I just want to remind you that you have only 2 more days more to answer my prayer. AMEN

01/09/2005 – Prayer Answered God is really a true God, he is really great, he is really the maker of heaven and earth. He has answered and proven to me that he is really the lord. Lord in return I’m yours forever do whatever you want with me. The great news and prayer of my life has been answered today. After leaving Ghana for Austria and now in the UK I’m now finally going to attend college. I’m attending 6th Form on the 6th of September. I just can’t wait to be in the classroom. Lord one more thing; don’t deny me my EMA money!!!!! (AMEN)

02/09/2005 – normal d Yesterday’s miracle is something I will never forget. I will always remember and thank God for that.

06/09/2005 – First day at school At long last I find myself back in a class room again after 2 years of waiting and being in the house. It was fun but busy I’m now a little bit use to the facilities there and also I’m yet to find myself a friend.Everyone is nice, I’m mean all those I’ve talked to03/07/2006 – A day at York University

Had one of the very best days of my life today, and this makes me more wanting to go to the university. College organised a trip to York University, Oh my God what a town and the university was very great, I’m just keeping my fingers cross for my results. This makes me wanting to go to university more. 24/08/2006 – As Level Results Had my AS- level exam results today and they were very bad, failed in all 3 exams I took. Thinking of repeating and changing courses in September. I’m sad but there is nothing I can do, all I go to do now is move on and forget about this. There is more to life than this and also there are more lessons to be learnt from this and also many things to correct in other to put everything right next year June.

25/08/2006 – Dad’s Advice

Dad advised and encouraged me on how to move on and forget what has just happened.That was really helpful taught he was disappointed (from my point of view), he was proud of me.I always love to bring smiles to his face, he is always there for me, and I will never let him down. All I pray about now is God should give me the strength to carry on and achieve my aim in life.06/09/2006 – NEW ERA, NEW LIFE, NEW BEGINING College started today, and I must confess today was the day that I really enjoyed being a student, I just couldn’t believe myself. If you know me very well, you would notice I’m a shy person, but from today’s experience, I don’t think I’m anymore. I over came that today, I was of myself today, chatted a lot, made new friends like Dwayne and Adele. I think this year is really my year and I give glory to the Lord.

08/09/2006 – Start of something Gr8 Went down stairs to the college enrichment fair. I put my name down for Burngreave Messenger. (Burngreave is the community I live in now with my parents)I stated that I was interested in writing articles for the Messenger.

16/09/2006 – The start of a long way…

Lisa the woman in charge of the Burngreave messenger called me today to be in her office. I went and I was given a task, the task was about writing an article about a hairdresser named Andreas, the owner has recently moved from Spital Hill to Pitmoore Road, so I need to make the Burngreave community know of this move. 22/09/2006 – Interview with John (Andreas hairdressing) This is my first interview with a stranger. I went down to Pitmoore Road, entered the shop and spoke to John. There were a lot of people there and to tell you the truth, I was afraid, but I kept it away and did the interview.

23/09/2006 – Article writing I started writing the article interviewed about yesterday. It’s looking fine. I sent a copy to Lisa to have a look.

25/09/2006 – Approval

Had a reply from Lisa that the Article is great, so I should be expecting it in the magazine very soon. 30/09/2006 – RESULTS Guess what? I came from church and Dad called me, I taught he was going to start one of his talks, but he wasn’t this time. He just handed me the September Issue of the Burngreave messenger with my article clearly written with my name. I am very proud of myself today. Thanks be to God. Friends it keeps going on and on, I hope my experience with the Lord and life in general can help you make few changes in your life, please remember God is always there when you need him, just tell him what ever you want him to do and for you, all you have to do is have faith and believe that he will do it at the right time.

Stay blessed and wait for more extracts.


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