Girl praising God with city in background.

He Has Made A Way

My dry bones lives again!

I was terribly sick in the year 2019, then I was planning to travel abroad but because of the sickness it was postponed.

I went into the hospital. I was admitted, given medications yet nothing happened, yet myself and my family kept praying to God for my healing. People also introduced us to other means rather than God, but my mum stood her ground and put her faith in God. I became so lean, lost appetite and disfigured.

Then, I decided to travel with faith no matter what because there was no hope. I was going to survive just staying in the house. God gave me strength to travel.

Then, just 2 days after I got abroad. I landed in the hospital and went unconscious for days.

My being alive today to type this testimony is just only what God could have done.

God is so faithful and merciful. There’s nothing he cannot do. He uses everything to heal me that passes all understanding. He put people I don’t know to help me.

My story is just like the dry bones that God revived.

Keep trusting him and follow His instructions. He has made a way already. We only need light to see it and don’t run after any other gods.

God is enough. Hallelujah!

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