Praying Girl

He Does AMAZING Things

Recently my 12th grade results were out. To me it was a surprise-filled day because I secured 85%.This was a total surprise to me because every single exam I wrote made me feel like I was going further and further away from good results.

But my God was planning great things. I’m thankful to him for this surprise in my life…

First of all I would like to let you all know that I am academically an average student. So this was a big surprise.

Secondly I am pretty bad at math related subject. But to my surprise I secured the highest in accountancy in my class.

Yes, everyone, God does amazing things.

Today I want a suggestion from you all. I would like to say this testimony in church. But my mind is just not letting me do it…a lot of things are coming to my mind like how will I say it, what verse will I say etc. If someone can help me with it.. PLEASE Do…