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He Did It!

Earlier this year, I posted a testimony that I felt the LORD was leading me to on this website, it was titled “GOD OF MIRACLES“.  This was a step of faith because I was a few days away from another exam. I am back to say that God did it again! He is such a good father. This whole year has been warfare after another. The warfare has not been because, I am doing something wrong only because as christians: we are in the LORD’s army.  Yet in the midst of all these God has miraculously saved and delivered me. I got 1 mark higher than the score the LORD showed me in a dream months before I even registered for the exam. God has saved me from verbal attacks that have come against me from work and friends.

I am here to remind everyone who is going through battles, not to give up. God miraculously helped me pass the exam. As I sat in the exam hall, I had a knowing I had passed even while still answering the questions. The exam looked so easy to me, I couldn’t understand why people said it was hard. This is not to boast but to say; it was the grace and orchestration of the LORD! If anyone is familiar with the CPJE , they’d know what I am talking about. After, the battles come promotion and I stand here declaring in faith that you and I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living as we KEEP TRUSTING the LORD JESUS.


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