Hands on the Wall

This dream took place in my room. In this dream I was awakened from my sleep and in bed. I did not have any strength at first. I felt paralyzed. It sounded like my room was filled with many things crawling and scraping on the wall. I could see my room completely but still could not move.

I realized these things were trying to harm me but I could not see them. I tried to speak and move but I could not. I knew to say “Jesus” when you are in trouble with anything out of your hands. At first I could not even speak but I keep trying. Finally I got the strength to whisper “Jesus.”

When I said “Jesus” I began to get more strength and I could move my arm. I moved my arm up in the air and pointed to my heart and said “Jesus is my best friend.”

When I said “Jesus is my best friend” the scraping on the wall went away and I got all my strength back. It was very cool.

Those demons and satan are all show. They are really cowards and will run in fear of Jesus. Just by saying his name they fled and they fled in a hurry. When I woke up my room looked exactly like it did in my dream. I was even in the same position.

If you are in any situation call on the name of “Jesus” because there is power in that name. Nothing can stand in the way of Jesus. Jesus is pure strength. Jesus will save you out of harms way. Jesus will never let you down. It is incredible. Evil will try to scare you, but they don’t have the strength of Jesus and cannot even put up a fight. Remember to say “Jesus” when you are scared it works every time.

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