Woman praying

“Come with Me to Church Today”

I am so lucky and blessed that I get to share my testimony.
I am a 21-year-old daughter of Christ living in Norway.
And my name is Gwendolyn.

When I was a kid up until I was 15 years old, I was going to church, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday! But just to be with my friends. I didn’t quite understand and couldn’t figure out my place in this world. And I had small faith in God. But then again it is all about God’s timing.

So when I was 15 I became really rebellious. Stopped going to church, lost all my friends there, started doing bad stuff, like drinking and being egocentric, living in my own little bubble and was not thinking about my family or school.

I learned that when you let yourself go, you will suffer for it. I am a child of God, but I didn’t understand and I didn’t seek unto him. I lost my faith and by the time I was 18 I started doing drugs after 3 years of drinking alcohol and cutting myself and being depressed.

I was just trying to figure out who I was that there always was something missing in my life. So I dropped out of school and started to do a lot of drugs. Up until 2 months ago I had been doing drugs for the past 3 years! Every day was the same.

Work, and then go home, drink alcohol and then smoke marijuana. Marijuana ruins you. It makes you slow; it freezes your brain cells, stops your brain from working properly and you get depression, anxiety, socially retarded but still you can’t stop because you don’t know better.

One weekend I had been out partying every night. Drinking, getting high, come home late, sleep for 2 hours and then go to work. After work we would be drinking alcohol again and then same routine. I was so sick of this lifestyle, actually tried to kill myself a few times and ended up at the hospital.

After we had been out drinking, I got in a really bad mood, was just tired and didn’t want to be around people. So, I went to bed. And when I woke up, I said to myself,

“This is the day I die.”

I was so miserable, just sick of everything, walking around and bursting into tears, not knowing what to do.

So I was on my way home but before that I had to go to my best friend’s house to get my bag. And then I had this feeling of wanting to talk to somebody. So I opened up to her mom, whom I had known since I was a little girl. And she sat down with me, as I told her that I couldn’t do it anymore, I wanted to kill myself, and asked her how do I get rid of these thoughts? She answered

“Come with me to church today.”

And I went with her and her husband.

When I got to church (this was a new church, who believed in being Born Again and living after the New Testament) I was still crushed but there was hope in my eyes. Little did I know it but God led me there for a reason. I got to meet people of God and the Pastor, she is a walking blessing from God and I am so thankful that God led me on the right path!

Today, 2 months later I have stopped doing drugs and drinking alcohol. I was saved just last weekend and the week after I was blessed with a new job (There is another post for that coming) I am so happy and so blessed to be a chosen vessel and to be an example of Gods miracles. When it is finished God says enough is enough and come to me my child.

I can’t wait for Gods plan in my life and for everything I am about to learn.

I am still young but have seen the worst side of life, and for too long. God is preparing me for something magnificent. Glory to God!

God is so good! And I am so blessed to share my story.