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Hiya everyone,

Am aware from a small countryside town in England, last year  I prayed to God to find me a good man when I was about to give up he blessed me with the best man a woman would want to be with. I am 22 he is 28 we were happy the first few months together but then 2 months of us being together I got pregnant he was supportive of any decision I made I knew I was going to keep my baby.

With time things became a little rocky was getting mad at everything he does and small arguments at times I would not talk to him.At the end he broke up with me when 29 weeks pregnant. I cried myself to sleep everyday as I also realised that I might be in love with him. He raised his voice when I spoke about why it ended, that is not the man I knew, the loving and caring guy had vanished, I was looking at a complete stranger he doesn’t want to give us another go.

I said it was my hormones and things would change when the baby is here i won’t have hormones anymore coz I know am not an argumentative person, he has refused. I started praying to God coz he is the only one who knows my pain. Communicating with God has given me strength and hope and at times cheers me up. I have this weird feeling in my heart that he might give us another go but my friends tell me to leave him and move on coz he is not worthy.

He is worth crying for coz he pulled me away from the evil doings although he does not believe in God. I pray for him to accept Jesus as his Lord and saviour every day. I pray he may want me back and have a stronger relationship and forget the past as this relationship will be blessed by God.

Just asking does anyone think am crazy for praying he changes his mind and faith? Many thanks xx