Praying Girl

Need To Graduate This Year

Hi! My name is Treasure and this is my first time here! I really believe I did not come here by accident. God brought me here on purpose so that my testimony shall eventually become international and inspire and encourage people to know that nothing is impossible or too difficult for God, the God that changed my story will also change theirs if they only have a little faith because the bible has said that

“even if your faith is as little as a mustard seed, it can move mountains”

and I have faith, a lot of faith. Although my testimony is not complete yet, I know it will happen and I need everyone on this platform to pray with me to that effect. I am supposed to be graduating from the university in two weeks, but I have failed a number of courses and for this reason I have been asked to stay another year. I have refused this report because I cannot wait another year, I simply cant! The bible has also said that

“it will be to every man according to his faith”

and this is my faith! I know it sounds weird, but I know it is very possible, pray with me please, and I will share my own testimony here. God bless you all.