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God’s Grace

While we were yet sinners Christ died for us.

I can just remember God’s grace when I did not deserve here are some things that God saved me from. I’m grateful.

My son was taken away from me in an unfair custody battle. The worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. I gave up hope. I started partying, doing drugs, living a rather fast life. My self esteem was low I felt like I was nothing and I would never be nothing. I just didn’t care. I slept with lots of people. I was headed down the wrong path and didn’t care. But during those times now that I think about it was only GOD’s Grace and mercy that kept me. One day me and a friend of mines went out of town we didn’t have money or anything so I stole this dudes rent money and we had bad luck trying to get out of there we couldn’t find the keys then when we found them car wouldn’t start omg. gave the dude enough time to come outside and confront me about his money of course I denied it. He pulled a gun and pointed towards me threated me and would have probably killed me if it had not been for God’s plan and His grace. Another time I was high on ecstasy and with my husband but boyfriend at that time and he cut stove own because he was cold not realizing a pan of grease was on the stove. We went in the room and you know what I started smelling fire he said no your just tripping I said no I smell fire your tripping He said about an hour or two later it was strong and we got up to find flames every where Jesus I crawled onto the floor panicking then couldn’t get out of the door it was so scary but God had mercy He let us make it out of that. If I would have died I would have busted hell I wide opened.

When my sisters and I were teenagers God shielded us in a car accident that could have caused us our lives our breaks went out on a car and we were a few inches from running right into a gas pump but God’s mercy and His plan. I went to church but didn’t receive anything from God I wanted change I was lost in darkness and bound by many things. God would have different servants to come to me and tell me things I wasn’t saved but His mercy and His love is real. It gave me hope the words were sown into my heart it helped to keep pushing a little. One day I went to church and this particular time it was different I wanted change I wanted to be free I was in church writing down things I wrote down and asked God sincerely to save me, change me, and fill me with the Holy Ghost I didn’t really know what the Holy Ghost was I just saw my mama dancing and different ones they looked happy I wanted that. There was no alter call so I got in my truck and left church but it was something different about this day. I was listening to a gospel song and all of sudden while driving I started crying out to God Lord help me save me change me deliver me speaking in tongues hands up off the steering wheel out of control didn’t wreck or anything but after all that I felt a heavy load had been lifted sin the power of sin over my life had been lifted I felt like I was opened to talk to God I told my husband I just want to talk to God. He thought I was crazy lol. After that day I tried to go back to things I just couldn’t do it things were different on the inside of me change.

Went through so much spiritual warfare but God. He brought me through its been a process and I know I’m still growing in the Lord there has been healing, restoration, and deliverance. I just praise God because when He starts a work in you He will complete it. God is good and I love Him.

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