Praying Girl

God’s Promises, My Exams

Last year I wrote my final exams for honours.  There was one module that was really hard, hard enough that throughout the semester, I would fail in every test. I honestly had no hope but I still prayed and God answered, I passed.

However, I failed my other friend exam and I was given a chance to write a supplementary exam. I honestly thought I did so well but then I failed again, they gave me a special supplementary exam but I didn’t attend cause I wasn’t aware of it. Note: this is my first time failing ever since I started at university.

I hadn’t paid all my fees yet due to financial constraints (when it rains it pours right), so I only got the chance to do so on Tuesday morning.

After paying I was able to see my marks and that’s when I learnt that I had failed. I was so discouraged,  but that same day in fact, on Sunday I had heard the same voice saying today you shall see God’s salvation today (Exodus 14:13) and I heard it on Tuesday too.

My exam portal said I can only pass if I write in November this year. I went to my faculty and ask if I could write, they agreed I had to thank God for intervening. I had to write the my exam the following day which was yesterday. I wrote but I didn’t finish, it was challenging to me am not gonna lie but I still believe in His word from Exodus 14:13 the part that talks about not seeing the Egyptians again (the module again) .

I had applied for my masters and I have to apply this year but because my module they won’t take me. I am praying to God to intervene, I have seen how He intervened in some of the testimonies here. If I pass and register for my masters I will definitely share here again.

To all those who will read this and would like to pray for me please do so and God bless you all.

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