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God’s Perfect Timing

In the year 2007 I lost custody of my only son this was heartbreaking. I was living with my grandmother at the time and wasn’t at all stable mentally, emotionally or physically. But at this particular time, I felt it was so unfair.

Three days before the police came knocking at my grandmother’s door with a written of attachment to pick my son up my son told me

“Mom the police are going to pick me up.”

I didn’t know what he was talking about, but he said I’ll be back. Well, it came to pass that they picked him up and took him away from me.

Oh, my I was torn into pieces I was a young mother, but I loved him so much and didn’t want this to take place. So, after he left instead of turning to God, I turned to pills, weed, sex, alcohol for comfort. I didn’t want to deal with life or bear the pain I was feeling I didn’t have a strong support system at the time. I was lost and this made it worst.

Well, I was at work one day and a woman I didn’t know came up to me and said that all God wants me to do is surrender and he will give me my heart’s desire. I listened but not really, but it gave me hope. I went to church but wasn’t saved at the time and the pastor gave me a prophetic word that I would basically get him back so that gave me even more hope.

So, in 2009 after living a crazy destructive life I was truly at the end of my spiritual rope. I was heavy very miserable and unhappy. I didn’t have enough sense to really go to God. But one day I was writing to God at church.

So, after church I got in my vehicle and started weeping crying out for deliverance crying out for change it was my soul then I was then I felt the presence of God and gave my heart to him. He later started dealing with me I repented. He exposed the darkness in my life, and I turned to him, and he changed my life.

Now at the time I still didn’t have my son. As a matter of fact, I prayed to God about it and hurt so deeply about the holidays and birthdays were depressing. But every time I would break down, God would come and console me comfort me, strengthen me and give me a peace. I knew it was going to work out he would bring my little boy back to me.

In those times being apart from my son I feared that he would hate me, but God restored our relationship. I was without my son in my custody for 6 years. It’s 2013 and God did it. He fixed it where I didn’t have to have a lawyer even though I started off with one. It was all God. He was my lawyer He brought my son home to me this year and no one can take him now! Glory to God.

God said he would do it and in his perfect timing he did it. I can say I am thankful it happened because I wouldn’t be the mother I am today. God allowed it to happen and what the devil meant for our bad God turned it around and is using it for His glory… In the midst of it all I learned how to wait on God depend on him and trust Him. If God said it, believe it in His timing!


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