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Maybe too much, but God’s People Need to Know

I balked many times before I decided to write this testimony because of its “too natural” nature. I am a thirty-nine-year-old lady, healthy by His grace. I live in Mumbai, India.

There is a certain branch of supermarkets in Mumbai, which I frequented often from many years ago. There was one on the ground floor of my flat where this strange occurrence started.

Whenever I went for shopping there…I desperately needed to use the toilet! This became too frequent not to notice. My mother-in-law, who stays with us, was astonished at the urgency which I would return after going for shopping. I would have to leave my trolley abandoned and rush back upstairs. I didn’t take this very seriously though I thought it extremely strange. I NEVER have this problem otherwise.

Anyway, we shifted from there to another location which also had this same supermarket in the vicinity. You guessed right… the same thing whenever I go there. This is the time when I started to associate evil with this experience. In India, Hinduism and idol worship and other such occult are very much a part of life. Innately I understood that it had something to do with some evil spirit attack, though I didn’t worry about it too much.

But that supermarket shut down and then…this same thing started to happen when I visited a different supermarket where we used to do our monthly grocery shopping. This had a bathroom (much to my relief), but this was becoming too much of an embarrassment for me. The staff seemed to think” ok, there’s that funny lady again.”

I don’t know when but one morning when I was planning to go there, in my morning prayer I asked the Lord for protection against whatever was causing this. As I walked into the shop, I covered myself with the blood of Jesus and commanded the thing that causes this problem in me to leave me in the name of Christ.

As I started to load my trolley, I felt the same problem arising, but I prayed a fence of angels around me and just stood so assured in my authority in Christ! Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, the feeling subsided and I actually shopped without thinking about this.

It’s been two or three times now since I went there, and I have not visited that bathroom again nor even remembered about this occurrence.

The devil tries to get us in ways that we will never even think about telling others about. That is why I HAD to post this. I once heard a pastor talking about how, where you experience an unnecessary amount of contact with anything related to bathroom habits (you know what I mean) or sexual things, you can be sure that it is the work of the evil one. Immediately put on the armour of God (Ephesians 6) and command it out of your way.

I hope this will be of help in strengthening all about how the Lord will intervene in even what seems to be the smallest problem to the world. Praising His mighty name….Hallelujah!


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