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God’s Mission for Me?

About 3 people have told me that God has “Chosen” Me. First of all, I am very new to God and all his truth. God is really working on me in the inside… what a wonderful feeling! They say they see me in the times past running for my life basically running more and more to God. Now as they anointed me and tell me things every time one touches me, they act like I have such a strong energy around me to where they shout and scream and act like they are touching something hot. I don’t know exactly how to explain it.

During my deliverance in March 2017 after all the wrong I’ve done God washed me up and made me pure and for that I am very Grateful!!

I went to another church in another state last night… the pastor’s wife came up to me and began to speak in tounges in my ear. I did not know what she was saying but I smiled. She said oh child for God had chosen you, you will encourage many, God wants to give you the keys. He will begin to help me understand the Bible and show me visions. They also tell me that I may endure pain, but the end will be worth it. That’s the part that scares me to death. Why? Because it’s like I don’t know… what kind of pain and loss?

The crazy part about everything, is when I was a little girl in church, I used to always want the pastors to single me out and tell me about my future like he did others. Now I cannot believe God is answering my prayers and now it’s like WOW I don’t know what to do. As I read the Bible, I see how God has specific people doing his work, but I also see that they are very brave. I’m not doubting myself because I will do ANYTHING the Lord asks of me! I’m just curious.

All my life I’ve been this very scared girl. I’m scared of almost any insect crawling, any weird nose… Very shy and nervous. I know it’s not Good to question God, but I just wonder how God chose me, but I am very fearful of most things. Barely can take up for myself. Any encouragement you guys can share? Any similar situations?


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