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God’s Love Is Enough

I married at a young age—thinking that was the “perfect” life. I was wrong. I married to keep the one I loved at the time in my life basically. We would break up and get together and over the course of time we married, and eventually developed a nasty habit for narcotics. Both of us were gone! I remember crying out to GOD one day looking up asking to be rescued from it all. Bills, family, all of it. Now I know to be careful what you ask for when you are speaking with GOD! We were trying for a baby for the longest also using fertility drugs to no avail we gave up on that too.

Over time, our addiction grew, our company was that of addicts, our bills got behind, and we fought more frequently. The only legitimate answer was to burn our home down and collect insurance monies. Something we would never do in our sober minds! Needless to say the act happened, we got by for a while, and low and behold at the wrong time I found out I was pregnant. WHY NOW? Was my thought. We were both responsible for the house situation, I got single handedly pointed out and served some time for it. I had my child and spent a total of 8 hours before handing him over to my mother.

I am thankful that I did have someone to take him for me. During the course of my time, my “loving” husband stood beside me for 9 mos. and there I was alone, doing time, pregnant about to have a baby with 4 years to do. I am home, my child is now 11, and we have a very loving relationship. I am clean, and have a great marriage now. I learned that God’s love is enough. Never idolize another human being the way I did my previous husband, and be careful what and how you ask God for things. He may just answer you.

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