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Gods Incredible Love for Me!

Never before had I been so low, never so alone,

The heat of mid summer befriended my mood,

And I lay on the floor, defeated and prone.

No words remained for me to pray, no solution offered relief

Nor did I sleep, nor was I awake, in my stupor of grief.

When the alarm did clang, out of my mouth did come,

A final pleading ultimatum.

If it is to be, let it rain, Oh Lord and then I was awake,

Despair flooded my spirit, as I realized my big mistake.

My answer lay before me, in the arid streets of Mumbai,

It never rained in summer, it never rained in May.

With a heart devoid of hope, I went about my work.

Even though my life was done, my duties I could not shirk.

Little did I know, my Great God, would not let me down,

And as I did my tasks, some clouds were gathering round.

I confessed to a friend in faith, of my unconscious request,

She scolded lovingly “don’t put the Lord to test.”

But as I picked up my bag and stepped out in the street,

There were raindrops drizzling on me and all around my feet!

To this day I dont know, If I spoke,

Or if it was He,

But Yes, for ME!, nondescript dust though I be,

My God made it rain, made it rain , Just for ME!

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