Praying Girl

God’s Generosity

I’ve always believed in God and trust in Him but I never really wholly trusted Him with my finances by giving back what belongs to Him. We have a small restaurant. We get enough business only to survive. These past few weeks, I decided that what belongs to Him must be given back which is the 10 percent of my income. So when I get my salary every two weeks, I decided that I give back the 10 percent to different charities in Israel, or to the Christian radio station, or to my local church. And since I have been doing this, we’ve been getting so busy at the restaurant. Like super busy, and for the first time, our business bank account has climbed up to where it’s never been before. It’s amazing how faithful He is to His promises, and I just cannot hold this in my heart. God is amazing and wonderful and may His Holy Name be praised forever, thru my Savior Jesus Christ!