Boxer and girl with headphones

God’s Call! No Rational Explanation

First, I have to give a little introduction to understand why I consider today’s encounter a miracle. I am a student at University of Maryland, but I stay off campus. I have no meal plan with the school. So apart from going to class, I never have any business being on campus. I am also a boxer and I got to the gym every day at 5pm. Especially now that I am fighting in a tournament, I make sure that I never miss to go to the Gym on Wednesday.

For some weird reason today, something just pushed me to stay and work out on campus instead of going to the boxing gym which is 20 minutes away. At 5pm I went to the school Gym and did my work out. By 7pm I was done, so automatically, I should be heading back out to my apartment, right?…wrong!

For some weird reason instead of going home, I started heading the opposite way to the SSC building with no motive at all. This building is where the cafe and the game room are, but I have no meal plan and was not planning to go play either. I didn’t even stop for a second to ask why I was going but I kept going, I entered the building and went upstairs.

There I saw this girl that I knew. so, I called her name so I could say hello to her but she had her headphones on so she could not hear me. I therefore followed her, she made a left and disappeared, but I picked up my pace and kept pursuing. By the time she turned back to respond to me, I found out that I had followed her into a Bible studies fellowship which I did not even know about.

As far as I am concerned, that is a miracle. There is no rational explanation to the way things happened and it is definitely not chance. Praise the Lord!


  1. vicki lynn 3/23/2011
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