God’s Always In Control

Hi, my name is Sarah, and I have an awesome testimony that clearly shows God is always in contol. I had a soccer physical in town last Monday, Feb.27. My mom and I were driving home that night in her Ford Explorer. The roads were icy and we were a block away from home at he time. My mom hit black ice, she swerved once then twice. The truck plowed into the field. When we thought we were safe the car rolled. The truck rolled over onto it’s roof. I was scared to death. Neither of us were wearing our seat belts, so we were laying on the roof. My mom and I were calling out to each other to see if we were both ok. My mom told me to crawl out her window, which had shattered. When I crawled out I began to run for home. I was so scared. My mom yelled for me to wait up. I did. When we got to our front door. I dashed inside to tell my dad. He went rushing over to my mom. It turned out my mom only had a cut on her finger and one on her scalp. I was scratchless. It’s amazing how God delivers. There’s a really cool analogy that goes with the crash. It’s like the car is our life. And when we crashed ony one window was shattered out. That’s like when our life goes through a “crash” there’s only one way out, and that’s Jesus.