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The Enemy Is Relentless and Cunning, But God Will Prevail

Since deciding to walk with Jesus, I have experienced many confrontations with family and co workers. Looking back, I’ve always had them in my life, much like everyone else. My response wasn’t of God as I would end up arguing, holding grudges, carrying anger, along the way giving the enemy credit without knowing I was.

Last week, I realized that one particular person at work was being used to try to get to me, and it came to an important point in my life two days ago. God stepped in and I need to share, I hope to explain properly. Negatives have been coming from a coworker for the last few months.

I haven’t been afraid to confess before others that I am a Christian so it all plays into the enemy’s plan. It was a challenge because the earlier version of me would have went right back at her, in an attempt to squash it, but I never went full on. I was approached by the President of the company on Thursday and was asked if I had completed a task. My answer to him was “yes”, he went on to tell me he appreciated it, and that I should let this coworker know, because she was a little upset that it wasn’t done. There are a lot of things here that are important. A coworker shouldn’t care, neither should the President of a large company. “Can you let her know it’s done and tell her we talked?” he asked.

As I walked to her station I asked God to lead my side of the conversation. As I approached and told her “I wanted to let you know the project is done”, her response was “It’s about time!” Then I just calmly replied; “Yeah, it takes a few days” and the conversation was over.

This story seems long, but to summarize: The enemy had been using this person to try to irritate me. God used the President to allow me time to think about the conversation with her. He stepped in and showed me how to end the dispute with my response.

I am living a spiritual battle and it’s coming from everywhere, a lot of places where it used to but I am a new creation. “WWJD” is a very realistic approach to daily life. The enemy won’t stop, he’s cunning. I’m at a point where I am finally realizing it at 50 years old! I cant bear the fruit of the proper spirit unless I can spray weed killer on the thorny bushes of the enemy.

I won’t always have this opportunity so I need to put the Holy Spirit in front of me at all times.  I am considering life as a training process until I can complete the plan God has for my life for Him.

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