People in Pain

God Wanted Me To Get Close


I just wanted to share my story. Recently, I moved because I went to a university. Before that I was always thinking about how death would feel but it wasn’t really interfering with my life. The second day that I moved in I started having anxiety and panic attacks to the point where I did really think I was dying. I thought that what was the point of making relationships if the people would die someday anyway.

For a week, I had anxiety and panic attacks and I actually thought I was going to die. For some time now my faith had not been the strongest one I could have. I doubted the existence of god and I thought that if he was real he wouldn’t mind if I didn’t go to church or read the bible.

Then today I was walking down the street and I was having a panic attack and lots of anxiety and this old man came up to me with this little card with a quote about Jesus and how he would help anyone that believed and I felt so much better. I even started crying of happiness.

Everyday it gets better. Some days I still get the occasional doubt but then this feeling comes over me and I remember every time that I felt it before. God wants me to get closer to him and this anxiety that I feel is just something to indicate to me that I need to be closer to him and have a closer relationship to him. I hope my anxiety and panic goes away soon. I really want to enjoy my time here and grow spiritually as well.

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