God Spared My Life

About 4 months ago me and a friend of mine along with 2 other people were attacked outside of a night club. The attacker was in possession of a knife and stabbed a total of 5 people that night. I had gotten stabbed a total of 3 times, one in the liver, one in the lung, and the worst one of all that was a millimeter away from my heart, and had actually cut the sack surrounding the heart. The doctor actually said when he walked into my hospital room to see me after the surgery, that it was like seeing a ghost because I had been so close to dying.

I had always believed in God but had kind of turned my back on him and his word, and was living a dangerous life of partying and drugs. I was in the hospital for about a week and was dealing with the attack very negatively and had a lot of built up anger. Then one morning for no explainable reason I broke and started to cry profusely, the nurse had seen me crying and came over to me. Nurses are generally not suppose to preach to patients but this time the nurse closed my curtains and she told me that Jesus loved me and that he is calling me.

She handed me a bible and layed out scriptures that really struck me because of how closely related they were to what I was feeling and was dealing with. She began to sing to me and I closed my eyes. At that moment I felt something that I had never felt before, and she knew it. She told me that Jesus was there and that him and the Lord are running towards me and reaching out there love to me. This made me cry uncontrollably, and to this day I believe that she was either an angel or a messenger of the Lord.

After our encounter I felt as if my shoulders had released a million pounds off of them and I felt fantastic. Me and my mother had a chat right after that and I had told her about what happened and began crying again. I had some past secrets that I was keeping from her about the drugs and partying and I ended up confessing all of these things to her and I felt a love that I had never felt before, both from God and my family.

I still to this day have some problems and temptations but I now have no question whether God spared my life that night and the feeling that I had while she sang to me leaves no question to his presence in my room. I thank God for saving me, and I know he truly loves all his children.


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