Praying Girl

God Showers Blessing of Love, Builds Faith

God loves you even in the details of life. I testify to it below…

This is the monsoon (rainy) season in India. I usually take my umbrella with me to work even if it’s not raining, as the clouds may surprise you. Just the other day though, I was about to leave my house without an umbrella when it began to pour. The Spirit of God reminded me that I was forgetting something! I picked up my umbrella and went out. As soon as I sat in the autorickshaw, the rain stopped. But just before I reached office, it began to pour again. As I had my umbrella, I escaped getting wet. I don’t know if it would have been detrimental to me had I got drenched. Maybe God wanted to demonstrate His love to me-ward, and that He cares for the little things in life, using His Spirit to reach out to us.

I thank you Dear  Triune God Рmy Creator Рfor helping me build my faith in you some more. Blessed be your name for eternity!