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God Showed Me in a Dream That I Should Go to the Altar

I grew up in a church home where my father is the elder and my mother a God-fearing woman. From baby times I went to the Church. I sang in the youth when I got younger. I always had this ambition where I see things in my dreams and sometimes it happens in real life.

For example, I saw our old church is gonna break up in my dream. Then later it happened for real. Then I got introduced to this world. I started to drink, smoke and even to have sex before marriage. I did things which I am not proud of. I was drinking until the age of 21 and I wanted to change my, life completely.

In this world you get used only. I was a slave for Satan. I was dating boyfriends who couldn’t love me back. I got hurt a couple of times. I am supposed to be dead, but God saved me. I always got into fights when I was an unbeliever. I missed death couple of times. I was broken because I didn’t be loved. Yes, my parents love me a lot but by that time I didn’t realise it.

So then God showed me in a dream that I should go to the altar and pray. God also showed me that he sends a wonderful friend to lead me and to tell me more about this Jesus.

Today I am 5 months free from alcohol, smoking etc. I am busy to live my life according to God’s will.

Changed life In Christ.


  1. DENIS 2/21/2022
  2. Staci 2/27/2022

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