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How God Showed Himself to Me

My whole life I’ve always had a wish to see God himself. But everyone told me I wouldn’t because humans cannot see God. But recently I’ve been struggling because of anxiety and depression, and doubts. Like how come he chose us, mere humans, out of the many species of alien life around us in an infinite universe.

Soon though I went into confessions and confessed about doubts because of these recent things. I was praying with a Bible, when I go to return it to my home’s altar, the candle on it was smoking, smoke coming out of it, while it wasn’t even on. It was just there smoking, I almost cried of excitement. I saw God, maybe just a part of God but it was a glorious day.

When I was in doubts, God showed me through the Bible, that He is real, I’ve opened the Bible to the exact same page, 4 times in a row. The last time I said,

“If you’re real, then flip to the same page.”

It flipped to the exact same page. Not alone, I opened the book with God guiding me.

Another time, I was in my room, sorry for this word but, disrespecting the flesh (masturbating), when I said, “this isn’t right I should stop,” so I put my iPod to sleep and get up. I go downstairs, and them I go back upstairs, and there was this foul smell, of sulfur, and I felt a wicked presence.

I didn’t feel scared because I felt God with me, so I bowed down on my knees and prayed the Our Father… I stand back up and command the “being” to leave in the name of Jesus. I suggest not to do that, because you can be punished by God for saying that, I read it somewhere I think I’m revelations something that goes like this “When I come back, some people will yell “Jesus, we’ve done many miracles in your name!” I will say “get away from me you wicked people!” So, idk what he means, but I think it has something to do with what I said. So, I’ll never say that again.

Then this last one, it happened yesterday night, when I was having an anxiety attack, I yelled in my house while I was home alone,

“GOD!! Why have you forgotten me, why do you permit me to feel this way, why have you forsaken me Lord!”

I go on to list everything I was sorry for my sins and actions, to which I said,

“God please! Help me, please!!”

In a mere instant, my anxiety leaves, it’s just gone. And that’s why, you should always pray. He will help you!


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