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God Sent an “Angel”

About 5 years ago I went on a “Girl’s Trip” to Aruba with my beautician for her birthday. There were about 5 of us but my beautician was the only one I really knew. We all decided to go to the beach that day. The weather was beautiful, and the water was calm.

One of the ladies and I decided to get in the water, but she ended up just sitting in the sand under an umbrella. So, I decided to get in the water and was going to let it go up to my knee because I can swim but I can’t swim in an ocean. I’m the kind of swimmer that needs something to kick off of like a swimming pool.

As I was walking further into the water it was just below my knees and all of a sudden, I couldn’t feel my feet touch the sand anymore. Aruba’s beaches don’t have any lifeguards nor any ropes to keep people from going into deep water. I was quickly being taken out further away from the beach by the strong undercurrents.

Thank God the water was calm, I knew how to tread water and I knew how to float on my back. I kept treading water and trying to turn myself around to get back to shore the currents were taking me further out. It was literally a war between the currents and me.

I panicked a few times which caused me to start going under the water but I had to tell myself,

“You aren’t going to die today, stay calm”.

At one point I saw my daughter’s face flash in front of me. All while I was treading water and floating on my back trying to turn my body around, I kept saying,

“Jesus bring me in, Jesus bring me in”.

I said that mantra over and over. At one point I thought I was on land but realized I was walking on coral reef. I thank God, it didn’t cut me because by now I’m literally in the middle of the ocean, I could no longer see the shore and well into shark territory.

All of a sudden, I heard a voice say,

“Take my hand”.

I really didn’t see a face, I think I was in shock mode, I refused and said, no! For some stupid reason my pride wouldn’t let me take the person’s hand. I didn’t want the ladies to know/think that I couldn’t handle myself in the ocean. I know dumb right? So, the voice said it again but stern this time,


So, I gave in and all I could remember was I was back on the shore, in the sand and the ladies were around me saying Thank God! Thank God! I remember apologizing for scaring everyone and felt really bad because I felt like I was ruining my beautician’s birthday.

Divine Intervention

Once I got back to the house, the ladies told me who saved me. They were going to the bathroom and when they came out there was a bodybuilder coming out at the same time. They wanted to take pictures with him because he was very handsome (hey at least my angel was a hunk lol). He overheard my beautician saying she had been looking for me but couldn’t find me, and was rightfully upset so he said,

“Hey, I can go look for her, I’m a swimmer”.

He went out two times and came back to tell her he couldn’t find me. He said he’ll go out one more time and that’s when he found me. She told me who he was and the ladies stayed in contact with him even though he lived in Connecticut, and we lived in Pittsburgh. I got his address and phone number and told him that he was my angel, God sent him to me. I sent him a plant to show how grateful I was. I asked my beautician how long she was looking for me.

She said two HOURS! I was in the middle of the ocean for two hours calling out to Jesus to bring me in, please bring me in and he did. God stepped in because what are the chances of meeting a random stranger, who came out the bathroom the same time they did, and he just so happened to be a swimmer?

God Is Real

This is my testimony and proof that Jesus is our savior, just call out for him and he will answer your prayers. This miracle made me wonder even more how there could be naysayers when it comes to believing in God and Jesus. I’m living proof, he is real and loves us. Call out for him, he will answer right on time!

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